CAW Teaching and Guidance, LLC
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​Instruction and Learning Support

CAW Teaching and Guidance, LLC plans and provides services for an individual, a small group (3-5), a large group (6-10), a classroom group (11-25), and a college group. Furthermore, services are offered to private-pay citizens, public and private institutions with students, clients, and recipients, and corporate entities (profit and non-profit). 
Guidance and Counseling

Instruction: An English lesson or unit planned, instructed, and measured for learning (age-grade appropriate or enrichment).

Learning Support: Individual or group instruction provided in cooperation with the assigned English instructor or professor or through a secondary or post-secondary interdisciplinary arrangement with an instructor or professor.

​Fee: Individual--$25 hr., Small Group--$40 hr., Large Group--$50 hr., 
Classroom Group--$50 to $100 hr., College Group--$100 to $250 hr.
Guidance: A guidance lesson or unit planned, instructed, and measured for learning relative to the following domains: academic, social/emotional, and vocational (age-grade appropriate or enrichment).

Counseling: Individual or group sessions provided in cooperation with a designated k-12 school guidance counselor or college counselor/advisor 
(age-grade appropriate or enrichment).

​Fee: Individual--$25 hr., Small Group--$40 hr., Large Group--$50 hr., 
Classroom Group--$50 to 100 hr., College Group--$100 to $250 hr.

Consulting and Research
Consulting: Lesson and Unit Plan Review, Behavior Management Plan Review, Individual and Group Counseling Treatment Plan Review, Treatment Curriculum Review, Treatment Modality Review.

Research: Document and Exploratory Research, Analysis of Document and Exploratory Research, Program and Project Analysis, Program and Project Development.

​Fee: Consulting--$40-$100 hr.; Research--$40-$100 hr.